Woodworking – Making an endgrain 3D cutting board

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After 3 days of shooting, and 4 days editing it has finally arrived :)
Same wood species. Walnut,maple and cherry.
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Filippa B. Schultz says:

Woodworking Craft & Furniture Plans!

Gary Wagner says:

are there any wrong types of wood when making cutting boards

Noe Huerta says:

what is a work worth $?

Simon Richards says:

What a great board but really enjoyed the camera work. thanks

jason mooney says:

i got your m.c esher

Tom Mullen says:

excellent work! one thing id suggest:to get exact angle on your ts blade, get a wixey angle gage

Korgaard says:

Is there a way i can get the plans to it, it could be fun to do it by myself 😀 ?

John Kostadinov says:

Absolutely beautiful…

drowization says:

@ 18:10,,,, can you use a planer instead ????

JNG Music says:

how much would u sell this for?

samkom33 says:

realy impressive tecniques, i envy you your stable board saw, i just bought a cheap one that forces me to use a lot more sandpaper. but woodworking is just a hobby, so i manage ok.

Toby Veen says:

Incredible. I am learning so much from you guys. thank you.

Kelly Craig says:

Other things aside, thanks for a nice, well done video. Some great ideas.

Kelly Craig says:

Your method of cutting the small diamonds scares me to no end. Have you gotten your share of projectiles yet, or did you get lucky?

Kelly Craig says:

By now, your expertise probably exceeds mine, on the jointer. Still, for the benefit of others – remember to shift your hands to just beyond the blade head. This will minimize the chance of rocking the board, like it showed in the video.

Kelly Craig says:

By now, I hope you have come up with a way to store your push "sticks" so you don't have to reach off to the neighbors for them.

Too, go with push shoes. They will spoil you. You don't have to care about running them through the blade. I make mine with the idea I have to make new ones, or re-cut the shoe. Most important, they hold down wood well past what a push stick does, while pushing the wood through the blade, and keep pressure on the wood at the back of the blade, where the kick back is likely to start.

I have been using push shoes for about forty years (figured out I was afraid of my saws early on). I even used them to cut pieces they say you shouldn't. For example, say I need a 1/8" stick off a 3/4" board.

The easy, quick way is, cut at the fence with the board on edge, then go flat and do it again. For that, the heel of the shoe should be nearly on the table. It pushes the piece through, instead of allowing it to become a missile.

DoingItCheap says:

Only one word can describe this ……………..Beautiful.

se4821 says:

Number one rule. Don't wear gloves

Mochammad Iqbal says:


Nicola diego castro says:

Me gustarias de tu asesoramiento para hacer esta tabla por favor

Edejamir Costa says:

Seus trabalhos são maravilhosos, bem demonstrado passo a passo. Vou tentar fazer uma parecida, aqui no Brasil trabalhar com madeira é complicado devido aos tipos de madeira proibidos e controlados. Grande abraço!!!

Lm701 says:

Speeding it up with your editing would make a much more enjoyable watch.

Pedro Hernandez says:

Gracias, me encanta tu trabajo. Un saludo desde España .

Scott Sarver says:

This was a great video.  I enjoyed watching your steps and hope to build my own someday.

SackKickingFatMan says:

I could have done without the music, but other than that i really enjoyed the video

Jim W. says:

way to nice to use.

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