Diy Wood Finishing – Vinegar And Steel Wool! Tips And Tricks

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Wood Finishing With Vinegar and Steel Wool. How To Create different colors with Vinegar and Steel Wool.

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Fast Eddy says:

Is distilled white vinegar the most acidic vinegar I can buy at the supermarket?

Brandon Guillette says:

This is exactly how I get that aged look back to old US military rifle stocks. Over the years the stocks get a reddish color from old oils and metal parts coming into contact with wood and cleaning solution. Everyone says there is no way to get it back to the original red color without staining, which never looks right. But there is isn't there.

Manny Otz says:

Can't wait to try it! I have always used store brand stains and mixing then up, never thought I could make my own. thanks for the tips.

Christopher Jackson says:

I love this stuff. It also works really well on vegetable tanned leather. That's how I came across the stuff.

Smells picked iron fish, tho….lol.

Thanks for sharing ways to variate and tint it!

TopWaterAssassin78 says:

Can you paint over nails with this solution?. I have a custom built in fishing rod rack that I would like to stain and everything is nailed it.

sfcmmacro says:

Is this stain food safe?

Mommy2Maddox says:

How do you dispose of the remaining solution and rags?

Sara Furlong says:

I am trying to make some new light cedar wood strips darker (go to red tones) to match the already existing cedar on my house. Had to replace some rotted wood and the cedar isn't darkening enough with just plain stain. How much red food color would you add?

Ronald Coleman says:

did you ever coffee grounds after they were used ? I add water and then strain with a find strainer when it is ready to use it is a light brown to a golden oak look

JimmyChaosViolin says:

Do you typically varnish it afterwards? If so would the color stay longer?

Smog tek Trekkie says:

After this process do you sand and finish with varnish or anything?

Rudimental Chef says:

I've noticed each wood 's tannins make a different color…what color does the vinegar & steel wool make on birch wood? I'm looking for a gray tone/patina.

Meg Erich says:

Does the grade of the steel wool make a difference? I have 00 Steel Wool pads. Its been two days and no change although I did have the lid on. Thanks!

meredithe hayden-freidel says:

dipped all my crates for my closet!

Pero Xepatonio says:

i was the 1000 like woo hoo….heheheh great vid ty for the info and ideas

Jessica Robin says:

how do you dilute a solution? do you just add a little bit of water or more vinegar?

Kyle Widmyer says:

I have tried this finish on a wood crate I built. Looks great! But it still smells like vinegar and every time I touch the crate my hands smell like vinegar. I don't want to clear coat it because the sheen will detract from the old look.Did I do something wrong?

Diana C. says:

I can't believe this solution! I'm definitely going to use it for my next project. Thanks for Sharing :)

ColdBloodedKeys says:

Maybe I'll give it a try, great inspiration here..thanks

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