Traditional Carpentry in Southern China-03 Tools 第三篇 工具

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This series of documentaries are about the traditional carpentry in Southern China: the lives of the carpenters, their tools, their design methods as well as the procession and assembly of a timber structure, It was film in Zhejiang Province, China by myself during my gap year as an architectural student in Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Cody Cloud says:

Pretty interesting video. It would be extra interesting if I knew what the heck they were saying lol

Shane Marcotte says:

Translate to English please? Thank you! I am an American carpenter.

藤古信長 says:


Mark Hewitt says:

Does any of this work follow the famous Yingshao Fashi from the Tang period?

Leo Cane says:

please add english subtitles.

jjyu99 says:

Elsewhere I have never seen a carpenter master smokes while working.

Joaquin Moreno says:

Thank you for posting the video. Amazing.

crashoveride koniu says:

super cool!!! i like see more peple working like this,and keep traditional carpentry alive!!! respect!!!!!

sdjnwhyNZ says:


sdjnwhyNZ says:


sdjnwhyNZ says:


Phineus wu says:

with such an technological advances in woodworking tools today,still,the tools made by the master carpenters as to fulfill the demands of their progressing works are the most impressive.thanks for sharing this well documented fading traditions.

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