Northfield Woodworking Machinery Tour

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Northfield Woodworking is one of the last remaining machinery manufacturers who’s machines are entirely built in the US. They have been in business since 1920 and have operated out of the same facility in Northfield Minnesota since.

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Dennis Schoessow says:

Thank you for this video. I love it, not a computer insight! Most important, made in the USA

Ronald Kearn says:

That was a fantastic video. Thanks for making and sharing it. So glad to know that there are still quality tool makers in the US of A.

svtfast says:

I would love to have their 8" jointer but I cant. I love alot and my company's weight allowance is not enough to cover a house and an 1100 lb jointer. Good to know stuff is still made here in the USA. Maybe they could make smaller stuff for us woodworkers. Hmmm.

John Doe says:


christophe leblanc says:

wow ,cool tour ,tks

Brent Miller says:

it's good to know that there are still quality woodworking machines built in North America. The disappearance of many of the manufacturers was due firstly to higher wage demands(that helped pushed the price of the tools out of the reach of the common woodworker), secondly someone started the rumor that European Quality was superior ( which in my opinion is false). Then the need for Mass production and lower prices forced the real Quality to the back burner. Many of the tools today are still over priced when you consider the materials and workmanship, but it is difficult to use quality materials when you have to pay mega dollars for labor that at best does only a good job — I prefer to buy used almost antique tools and spend the time fixing,cleaning, and adjusting rather than pay today's prices for questionable material quality and mediocre craftsmanship — good luck to Northfield, they are in tough in today's economy

David Handley says:

Wow! Double wow!!!

Jesse G says:

there still is Delta, Wood master, Ritter, Dewalt (recently) and a great many small hand tool makers.

Donnie G says:

Wow. Those radial drill presses brought back memories. I spent countless days machining cast iron castings on machines much like these. Great tour.

Mark Johnson says:

Great tour of an amazing place guy's, Thank You so much!

Greg Geisler says:

There is a 32 inch Northfield bandsaw available on the Columbia, SC craigslist for $2500. Don't tell Mr. Howarth … HA! Thanks for the field trip, Matt & Dema.

Dana Nelson says:

Stumbled on your channel Matt, thanks for the tour. Wow, 3 thousandths of an inch in 8 feet. Worth every penny if you're running production. Like so many things made here in this country, the cost of labor makes it almost impossible to do business. Way too many homeless, unemployed here in Los Angeles.

poeplay2008 says:

Super duper AWESOMENESS.

Dema's WoodShop says:

We need to do more of these

Rusty Case says:

Thanks for posting the video. We don't get opportunities to visit American manufacturers of large scale production machinery often, either. Hard to find 'em !
I was disturbed by the dust in the shop… I'd be happier to see materials coming in and machines going out too fast to collect dust.
Watch the EUPA video… 24/7 17,000 workers, most living on site. rc

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