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Getting young children involved in woodworking can be a challenge. Here’s a simple candlestick project that you can make quickly with kids and leave them with a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great small-group project for short attention spans. More about this project here:

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Ernest Hemingway says:

This is pure gold. MORE PLS!!!!!

Musicman7 says:

Nice job but one problem u used a saw that had little teeth and they will easily get blunt but apart from that good job

AGLO GamingCo says:

i am 11 and i though i have been woodworking for 3 years and even have my own shop no jokes so i think some of the kids you teach might do i again

Alexis Kelly says:

Buildingwoodwork looks like challenging particularly if you are born with ten thumbs, but it isn't.

Carrie W. Ferrero says:

Makingwoodworking may seem unattainable particularly when you are clumsy, but it's not.

White Snow says:

Alright there! You must have heard about – Omazi Easiest Woodworking Template – (if not, should be on google, look it up)? I've heard some incredible things about it and a lot of people are boasting about the tips,tricks and variety of woodwork plans they got from it.

Linda D. Householder says:

You can save effort and time when making wooden furniture if you've got the comprehensive diagram & step-by-step tutorials.

Doombuggy53 says:

Love your videos, dude. Keep it up. 

Aidan Mclaren says:

Hey Steve thanks for your videos im working at a summer camp in the summer with my own wood shop !! But there are like 15 children in a class arrr crazy I can relate with them having short attention spans you videos have helped loads 

Techmatt167 says:

I made it

Gordon Mitchell says:

Great stuff

Teoma says:

Reminds me of the first ever wood project I embarked upon at school, it was going to be a wooden Egg, all hand tools at that time, and of course it never got finished.
If they had tablesaws (we were allowed to use!) routers and sanders then it would have been a MASTERPIECE! :D

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