Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (

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Putting this Golf Ball into a Block of Wood is a quickie woodworking project that is fun and simple project. In this video I’ll show how I made one with a few easy woodworking steps. If you want more pics and a description on how I made this, check out my site over at:




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Woodworking Projects says:

good work

Tammy Mayberry says:

nice man

Nha Rua says:

Very Nice Vid there WoodLogger. I was curious if anyone thought about doing this with…Inside-Out Turning on a Lathe.  I'd like to do this project for a golfing buddy. Perhaps a paperweight, a pen holder, or a knickknack. Any help would be appreciated.I always appreciate the vids on here and how innovated minds work.  Great Job!

daron and tishawn says:

make a wooden bike trailer

Reinadou Pazzini says:

Hey this one looks fun!

MegaButtes says:

The microphone is cringe bad

Jdub says:

he used wizard powers to make it

Frank Huscroft says:

Two questions: How long in the water and what speed for drill press?  Thanks.  Frank Huscroft

David Brandon says:

can buy one of dese?

Timothy Burfield says:

will walnut or mahogany work with the hot water?

Timothy Burfield says:

will walnut or mahogany work with the hot water?

shahla swinney says:

what size of a drill did you use?

Tori Browning says:

I'm doing this at school

sbpartyscene says:

super cool!

ziggydog24 says:

Will now have to do some cleaning,  polishing in my workshop after I've made my golf ball trick and I must get some more clamps.

Leif-Anders Fremstad says:

what wood is it

AxelRandom | Games, Vlogs, Reviews en meer says:

im so happy im going to do woodworking

Jason Freeman says:

my grandfather used to sit out on the porch and carve those with real wood & ( nothing bought ) ,even carved the ball inside the thing , even carved out a chain at the end of it , just a pocket knife & some wood , he done that years , & years ago , I think my mom still has one that he did

Laurent Blanchet says:

Got enough clamps? 😀 ;)

Duncan says:

Fantastic idea thanks really enjoyed the video as always :-)

Patrick Rosenlund says:

How many clamps do you need mannnn? :P

Headknocker says:

I think you need a few more clamps..

Tim Yassa says:

what size diameter is the drill bit?

peter loomis says:

Adam sandler? Is that you?

luckigolfer says:

+WoodLogger What size Forstner bit did you use? Thanks for the vid!

yellow2000SR says:

Audio is too loud/distorted.

Otto Leppävuori says:

that's cool man!!

Goran Ramovic says:

what's it for I wonder

Nathan Kowalski says:

what size Forester bit did you use?

Jimmy Chard says:

What size drill

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