Garden Gate part2 – Woodworking Tips – WoodWorking Projects

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Close You Can Download Thousands of Woodworking Plans and Easily Learn over 20 Years of Woodworking Knowledge; how to build a Garden Gate – The New Yankee Workshop – Woodworking Projects – Woodworking works


Harry Wilson says:

as woodwoker you need step -by-step instructions how to start your project. The woodworking plans are straightforward so they are not complicated at all.

Firman Wan says:

nice video! If you are a beginner or have done some woodworking you will find these plans easy-to-follow as the instructions are very clearly written.

ValDer ValDer says:


Henry Gunning says:

Buildingwoodwork may appear as unachievable particularly when you are born with ten thumbs, but it isn't.

wormrose01 says:

Where is part 1?

MV Agoist says:

Immer schön rein damit in dreck, Anleitung für schwachköpfe

C Ectman says:

Where l find part 1

Lara Harper says:

You can click here to discover the specific wood working plans & guides

Nicholas K. Pennington says:

Best Woodworking Plan and Projects

Aashif Shrestha says:

Appreciate Video! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Antonello Astonishing Woodwork Takeover (do a google search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker after a lifetime of fighting put together the most exceptional woodwork project with it. 

soner çağlar says:

nice video

Garden Sheds Devon says:

Over-all, two thumbs up for a job that is perfectly well done. I really appreciate the garden gate shown on this video. May I know where to purchase a quality woodworking plan and how to make the best out of them?

ch604 says:

the best way to protect the legs is to use the correct wood which does not need additional protection: teak (very pricy), cypress (rare), cedar (most common choice), or pressure treated pine (least expensive)

zurdo 503 says:

ok joe… go back to…trying to say go back to been a lazy bastard..

jacobsczgmail says:

hey whats`up, what is the best way to protect the wood wich is buried in the ground?
well done.

Ugur Aksoz says:

very nice job

William Longstien says:

There is a great woodworking guide by Tresle Woodworking with these types of wood projects at TRESLE.COM a huge collection to choose from.

Евгений Сорокин says:

Здорово, для себя не для себя а под заказ можно и копейку заработать. Хороший инструмет всегда в хозяйстве пригодится.

tinkersdamnworkshop says:

this is one of my favorites of norms project. where is part one?

mickeyhendren says:

I think you should stop thinking

Casey Cornelius says:

Classy Casey, wood critic here. Guys, if we are in the world of globalization, then it's high time we kick the old wood workers out of the class room. Good bye Norm. Now, let's get fresh faces from different countries. I would like to see some classy designs from China, India, and of course Brazil. Now, who's all with me on this?

TableWolfMusic says:

Ooh, let me guess…. by using your sharp wit?
There are others ways to do it, however, there may be merits in the way he does it too. Hence my previous comment being a question.

Flashmore says:

Get a fucking life bitch!….Your bs comment was the major waste here.
How the fuck do you expect him to cut a curve and not have waste you moron?…

Flashmore says:

That guy's gonna change his phone number soon!

TableWolfMusic says:

This looks wonderful and very well made. Great video. I am confused however about the arch cut at 4:00 minutes into the video. Is this not very wasteful of wood? There seems to be more wood discarded as a drops, than actually goes into that arch.

hmbsit waloc says:

another scam website ripping off Norm Abrahams stuff c***s******s

was says:

thats a relly good gate, you made it so well… AWESOME

ser skr says:

это мужык лично для себя делает? ну станков канечно многовато для одного, хотя кто их поймёт етих американчев…

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