Help Rutledge Wood Finish His 1968 Camaro

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Rutledge Wood teamed up with Summit Racing to help build his 1968 Camaro that he will be driving on the Hot Rod Power Tour. Rut’s Camaro was was one of two stunt cars featured in the move Need for Speed. Rutledge wants your help finishing this beast by voting on rear suspension, wheels and seats. Check out for more information and voting:

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  • KNXD


heith85 says:

why would I help when you helped ruin top gear USA

GBodyShop says:

A: Option 2
B: Option 1
C: Option 1

Thanks for starting the season Last Week. Hope to see at SEMA Rut

ChemicalNBC says:

I'll vote when Rutledge and his buddies get off their car vacations, and release a new season of Top Gear.

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