Make a Pocket Hole Lamp – Fun Kreg Jig Woodworking Projects

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I made this groovy Pocket Hole Lamp using my Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig. It’s made from nicely figured cedar and contains 33 pocket holes that let the light shine through. See below for links to my pocket hole lamp pattern with instructions, as well as a link to the lamp kit I purchased from Lowes.

Pocket Hole Lamp Pattern with Instructions:

Lowes Item 40570 Portfolio Candelabra Base Switch Cord:

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Marcelo Rezende says:

I liked it a lot!

Kevin Smith says:

Really nice job.

Kevin Smith says:

From Downunder

Sean Signer says:

Steve fun project.

Travis Walker says:

Steve – this is a very innovative project with a really modern design. I am inspired to make one.
I am a time-starved woodworker and I appreciate your projects. They are worthwhile projects, yet approachable by the novice like me.
Keep up the good work.

carl53301 says:

Steve what brand is your table saw

Rob I says:

Wondering what wattage bulb you have in there. No danger of overheating the cedar?

Alexandre (Õ_l_/Õ) Oliveira says:

excelente, parabéns.

re ta says:

its actually a really great idea. but i would put a LED on each Pocket Hole from inside. this way u could actually use it as a lustre cause it would be really bright.

Hunter Presnell says:

I'm trying to do this with a miter saw but I can't get the angles right for nothing! Is there anything you can think of? I cut it at a 30 but when I piece it together it would make a hexagon not a triangle. Getting irritated lol

casadecal says:

I just made one today and it turned out really sweet. Thank you for the plans, such a great idea.

Duran Henderson says:

What spray are you using?

Steve Carmichael says:

This Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Lamp is one of my favorite projects.  Not only does the light look cool coming through the pocket holes, the triangle shape happened because my board was too short to get four sides out of it.   #kreg   #pocketholes  

Caleb Smith says:

is the music supposed to play over top of your voice??

Scott Ashley says:

Didn't have time to read all the comments, so forgive me if this is redundant, but dude, nice choice of music for this video!

AncoraImparoPiper says:

Nifty. Thanks for sharing :) I got my Kreg Jig R3 a few weeks ago and am still just doing repairs around the house and some minor projects. This lamp is very creative and is stimulating a few ideas in my head. Thanks again!

jeffrey kuhn says:

Cool little lamp, the finish really made the grain stand out, Good work! Good idea using the jig that way.

william bovee says:

nice thanks for the idea for the jig

Rick Nottage says:

That was a good idea.  Glad you covered it on the New Year's video so I got to see it.  BTW got you another like on that one.

Mark Perry says:

Great idea. I'm going to make a smaller version of this and use 8 or 10 of them as lights outside our camper for the spring. Great job and happy new year 

Greg Gardiner says:

I like the idea , what do you spray it with ?

TheRocketbob22 says:

Geeze Steve, that is really creative, good job. I don't usually laugh at u tube vids, but when u scavenged every pencil in the house and put them in yr box, I had to laugh. then u made the K jig lamp. I thought cool, so u can drill a couple of K jig pockets on the side of the pencil box to hold a few of your fave pencils. I cut small boards, drill pocket holes and put them in various places so a pencil should be close by. I really like your jig for making bevel cuts safely, the 2×4 fan was a cooling project as well. U r having way 2 much fun. 

Frank Tarte says:

Well Steve, I just saw this video(better late than never). That is so cool. You just answered a gift problem I was having for a Christmas present.

Janne Kronbäck says:

Very nice! I Wonder if covering the inside (too late for that now) with something like aluminium-foil would make the light brighter (less loss). If it's bright enough already, one could just use a smaller bulb for the same effect?
I will definitely try do something like this (cool-holed lamp)….. late next year, or so. 

Willis S. says:

Hey Steve I just made this lamp and its really cool looking, but I must have huge hands because I can't seem to get my hand in the hole to change the bulb. Did you use 3/4" material?

Charles Pippins says:

I'm sensing a Halloween  "Eyes in the bushes" box real soon.
Wood pumpkin?

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