Learn to Faux Finish: Wood Graining Effect (How to Video)

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Faux Finishing Techniques that are easy to learn and apply. Bring NEW life to your projects or renovations through a few simple techniques that are cost effective and easy to apply. You will be amazed at the simple, money saving home improvement techniques that Brent Miller, Owner of RemBrent Academy of Art, will teach you in a few short lessons. RemBrent Academy of Art is located in Plantation, FL. Please visit Brent’s website: http://www.rembrentstudios.com


Ed Jackson says:

!Thanks for this video! Exactly the faux look I needed

Thomas D. Gillespie says:

How to faux paint a dashboard

Damon Boyce says:

What products did you use? What was the brand of the Primer/Base Coat? What Gel Stain and Seal did you use? Would love to do this but I want to make sure I get the correct products. Thanks

jmlbloom says:

This is a very helpful video overall, really clear.  One concern I had though was you keep telling us the key is all about the materials you use but….you never tells us the names and brands of the materials.  What exactly is the primer you use?  What brand is the walnut gel stain?  The sealer at the end?  Thank you sir!

Steve Larsen says:

Great demo but the sound was breaking up to much to understand what he was saying.

Telma advogada says:

I wonder what kind of paint was used in this demonstration!

Bruce Miller says:

I was nervous about trying this for the first time, I'd never done it before.
Everything went smooth & it turned out great! 

mavrickscar says:

Beautiful! Thanks


Looks awful !!!!if you want to see a real faux painter (Master) Pierre Finkelstein is the man !!

marlene botelho says:

gostaria de saber que tipo de tinta foi usado nessa demonstração !!!

madtabby66 says:

Would you still use a yellow base if you wanted to go cherry? Or would you use a pink base?

Jimmy D says:

can these materials be used on plastic. If so, can it be usad on a plastic that gets submerged in water?

minameise says:

Why don't you donate him shirt instead of poking fun?

atrueamerican1 says:

This guys technique for creating natural looking wood grains was helpful if you payed attention to the details of his technique and didn't solely focus on the end result. If you noticed, the pattern changed as he was showing us his different techniques and he therefore accomplished his goal. Keep up the good work rembrent, I appreciated your time, knowledge, and skill. Thanks.

Daniel Mitsuk Lavitt says:

it just looks like smudged paint

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