Traditional Carpentry in Southern China-01 Intrduction 第一篇 序

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This series of documentaries are about the traditional carpentry in Southern China: the lives of the carpenters, their tools, their design methods as well as the procession and assembly of a timber structure, It was film in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province by myself during my gap year as an architectural student in Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Tom Bonamici says:

this is incredible, what amazing inspiration and information! is there any way to add english subtitles?!

Zeez Low says:

excellent series. I enjoyed watching them.

藤古信長 says:


kkcheungus1 says:

Dear ChenChen;

This is an excellent series. As you say, in the end, you do that in respect of the thousands of years of craftsman and builders which no one knows about and not recorded in history.

You are doing a great service to the masters and let the world know, who are the hard working craftman behind these classic buildings.

I hope, you can consider offer some English subtitle to your excellent footage, so the rest of the non-chinese speaking world can come to appreciate these great works of art.

With much respect and admiration.

Ka Kit Cheung

Monsieur Bernoulli says:

you recorded this ^^

Charles Lin says:


Adamast says:

Great series,  many thanks

sdjnwhyNZ says:

要是古代工匠有现在这么多好用的不锈钢钉、电镀钉、烤蓝钉什么的,估计早就乐坏了。 😉 中国的木匠要是有兴趣的话应该尝试下吸收改进西方现代大木作(就是欧美常见的那种轻木板式结构和重木框架结构)的施工方法。这两种体系效率较高,加上现有的木材处理和钉子加工技术,很适合新手入门和高效施工,而一旦新手掌握了这种相对简单一点(只是相对简单,因为即使是新技术仍然需要面对木材变形、张力、养护、堆放等等一系列关键性问题)的手艺,在教给他们难度较大的手工传统工艺应该会吸引更多人来从事木作行业。

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