[Begin Japanology] Season 4 EP08 : Sashimono Woodwork 木工 2011-03-10

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In Japan, traditional wooden furniture is assembled without using a single nail. Advanced sashimono joinery techniques have been passed down for centuries.
There are around 30 different basic types of joint. Tenons and mortises are carved to precisely matching shapes.

Sashimono techniques are used not just to connect pieces of wood, but also to enhance visual impact. Master craftsmen use subtle optical illusions to make finished items look more elegant.
On this edition of BEGIN Japanology, we look at sashimono woodwork, which embodies the essence of Japanese aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.


pestcontrolking454 says:

wow i wish they taught some of this in my woodworking classes in high school.

Kimmy Queen says:

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Kimmy Queen says:

Just saw the pollen episode and it had no cuts in audio… too bad that it happens here…

Luiz Antunes says:


Simon O'Conor says:

What a brilliant documentary, I've never seen such incredible craftsmanship.

vincent7520 says:

Talking of japanology … could you do us the favor of skipping the elevator music and give us some good japanese music ???…
You make an interesting video seem corny.

riya sahoo says:

I agree with some of the people that have commented about Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible, it’s pretty solid even if it’s not complete!

Hush The Geek says:

I'd love to have a bridal chest of drawers made from a tree planted when I was born! It's so cool to know that your hopes and dreams as a child would be with you throughout your life. Growing and changing just as life does!

kin wong says:

all these technique ideas all from early century china….

‫ישראל יצחקי‬‎ says:

מקסים ויפה

E. Hathaway says:

Find hundreds of detailed woodworking plans projects to help with your furniture. https://www.facebook.com/woodwodenmyplane/?sk=app_190322544333196

Vib3s says:

Several episodes i have been trying to find for ages are; Fish, Rakugo, Seven gods of good fortune, Hot Springs, Tatami mats, Oribe Yaki, Gagaku, Miso, Kyoto Lacquerware, Lacquerware, Yuzen Kimono and Mikoshi (portable shrines).

If anyone can upload them or tell me somehow where to find them, would be much, much appreciated!

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