Build A Baseball Memorabilia/Hat Rack! (Weekend Woodworking Project)

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Toolify says:

Hahaha, very entertaining :)

HonestDoubter says:

"Because I am smart and your mustache is stupid…" ;)

Jim Dollens says:

Good video, nice delivery.

Michael Matthews says:

mike you should have spanked him more when he was a kid….nice project though…

KSFWG says:

Mike's da man!

Give Stumpy a beer — might be he's grumpy when he's thirsty. (like in a Snicker's commercial)

Steve Collins says:

well built, Mike. I miss seeing the videos with, Chip.

joao campanella says:

you guys are funny.

Аleksey Bek says:

It was a good hanger, all in their places. Like!

Al Amantea says:

Omg… "you do know you're the reason I drink, right?" I spit out my drink right onto the tablet screen! So funny…. Mike, we really missed you, buddy…

Willem Kossen says:

And now go have a beer together and make up ;). Nice rack.
Not sure the kids sized baseball bat i turned in a video a while back would fit, though.

Tom Nally says:

Overall, great video production…

Bobby Kurczewski says:

Poor stumpy

stephen dickinson says:

Thanks. Now that is what I have been missing in your vids. Some fun give and take. Good project too Mike.
I like to see a scroll saw used in a project.

Donnie G says:

Good to see Chip again.

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