Designing and Building an Entryway Catch-all Sideboard – Woodworking #03

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We needed a place to organize our stuff where we walk into our house. This piece is the first, of a few, that will help solve our problem.

The video takes you through the design and build process






Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Check him out on under the name “Sleepy Pablo”. I recommend the song “Long Road” off of the album “Over/Under”
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Blute72 says:

Thanks for your videos. I'm really enjoying them. Great design and build.

Al Smith says:

Such a great video. Beautiful work. Well done.

Zach Gregory says:

great design. where are you out of?

Mark Wigley says:

Dude, your videos are magical. Quickly becoming my favorite channel.

Elias Poullos says:


misterOsc says:

I really like your take on design and minimalism
it's nice to se someone on youtube who is not making the same hairpin leg live wood edge coffee table

Treesner says:

love the delicacy of your work and the time you put into it. It seems like you've spent a lot of time refining your tools as well, do you get rid of tools that you don't need or replace them if they're not working for you, with such little time under your belt how did you figure out what you needed to do the work you wanted?

Edwin Ndegwa Kiragu says:

:-) The intros get me all the time.

DIY giveaways & tutorials says:

Love your videos, man!

luc le rumeur says:

impressive work. keep going !

Krafty Beard says:

Beautiful work Chris! Fantastic attention to detail!

Sean Rubino says:

Awesome, Chris. As I've said on The Dusty Life podcast, there are no mistakes only design opportunities.

Jakob Nordin says:

I watch alot of different styles of "makers" and I always love your videos. Not that you inspire me to make the same type of furniture but it is always pleasing to watch people that are good at what they do. Of course I will spread the word so you will get more subscribers because you should be making money from your videos. Keep up the good work!

Dieter Verschueren says:

You're a wizard!

DIY Modern says:

Another beautiful video and piece Chris. And funny as well… ;-)

Vanja Marinkovic says:

Love it…:)

Daniel Johnson says:

Shared your video on my fb page.

Sony Jean-Jacques says:

Really love the design and video! What software did you use? Love the simplicity of it!

Tweakwood says:

NIce video, and really beautiful project! Compliments from the Netherlands. Regards from a fellow woodworker/youtuber with a small but slowly growing channel.

Jonathan McConico says:

dude, your stuff is amazing. I love the style and hopefully I can get to your level.

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