Owner Builder Series. Ep 40. Carpentry Fix-out & Electrical Mains Hook-Up.

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G’day Knuckleheads and welcome to the latest in my Owner Builder Series. The renovation is on track and Episode 40 looks at tackling the carpentry fix out, or final fix as some people call it as well as getting the electrical mains connected. Things are really motoring along at the moment and l couldn’t be any happier with the progress. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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Uncle Knackers

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themaconeau says:

Instead of shocking experience, it would most likely be the last experience ;)

James Blanton says:

Another ripper ep uncle knackers, thanks mate very enjoyable, just like corn flakes 'eh. Hahaha

Anthony Spills says:

Make me a cuppa too mate! White with none. Magnificent job

Martijn van Tooren says:

Don`t you have white hair after the painting? ;)

Ronald Khoo Kah Hock says:

Hi Shane, I thought the house (prior to your renovation) already had pre existing power?

shane elson says:

Looking great Unc. At the end there's a young bloke sanding the upright edge of the kitchen island bench. What's going on there? What material? Looks like he's gone through a few sanding disks. Cheers and keep 'em coming.

MRrwmac says:

Coming along nicely Shane! I hope they ran some 220v for some of your future shop power tools? BTW, I've been following from the beginning and was wondering if (as of this point in the build series) you are still on budget?

Steve Collins says:

I agree with you about painting being calming, Shane, my favorite for this though is weeding in the yard.

Barry Roberts says:

The House is looking great Shane, from that quick clip at the end the kitchen looks fab as well. There's going to be some jealous people on that final reveal (me included).  Take Care my Friend and Regards to the Family.  Barry (bazza from England)

Veronica says:

Close =) So exited to see the finished house =)

DrCRAZY says:

Just before you get your old life back. I feel happy width you.

Albert Kelly says:

that joke was a shocker fair dinkum knackers!

Sebastopolmark says:

GREAT video Shane. "Almost" in the hose stretch and in no time, you will ready for a nice tall cool Foster's. (not until you're done though)

Rob Hurst says:

Almost there! How come you needed a new mains cable when you already had power? It's looking good! Cheers for the vids.

Andres Salas says:

That was "shockingly" good…..Question though. Why put in a bulkhead? Is there a structural reason for it or is it merely aesthetic? In my tiny kitchen, it's wasted space and could use as additional kitchen storage. Been considering removing. Any reason why I should leave it? Cheers!

STOMP says:

That joke may be shocking but the house build isn't XD

Marty Daley says:

Do you ever watch those Reality Reno TV shows and burry you head in your hands and think "you are doing it all wrong" or "that is going to bite you in backside in a few years time"?

Roy Wrenn says:

Shane I have a feeling that you will be relieved when you are completely done. So far your owner builder videos are going great. I'm looking forward to seeing the house when you are all done.
Thanks for sharing

I'd Rather Make It Myself says:

Looking good Shane! Pretty soon you'll be able to put your feet up and relax a bit.

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