Make a homemade, fully featured woodworking router plane with common materials!

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We build a router plane out of some hardwood and a few hardware store materials.

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Den Barris says:

Pretty Hi brow music there Stumpy. Very nice project.

Wade Vuglar says:

I am number one FANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Xyienced says:

I sir, prefer a sloppy adjuster

HolyChickenn says:

I dont want to be rude but i see that your hands are shaking, do i need to wory about you?

GarageWoodworks says:

Loved that! Really well thought out. Kudos!

Know What Mom Knows says:

I really loved this video…Can this router plane be used for doing inlays, in the middle of a board? I saw you use this router plane for just the end of the board. Thanks, I hope you can answer my question :-) Ps…I just SUBSCRIBED…WILL LIKE AND WILL SHARE This Video…Great Job!!
Please feel free to check out my channel as well Please :-)

Shelly Cole
MOM :-)

Roger Rayburn says:

Why did you draw "centerline referenced" layout lines and drill "centerline referenced" holes after cutting the outline shape instead of before?

Andrew Reece says:

Excellent video! Thank you for this :)

killploki says:

i have no idea what a router plane is but i sat through the video…..

Łukasz Jasiński says:

Sir, I salute you. Great tutorial. Now checking, if cutters are availible at reasonable prices in central Europe :)

Alan Erickson says:

When you are drilling your second hole – the "tricky" one – you could use your off cut to keep the base from rocking – or wait to make the cutout of the body until after you have drilled your first two holes!

kdcyyz says:

360p only… I'm here way too early. I'll be back later after all of the ones and zeros have time to do their magic.

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