You can make this five-board bench in a weekend. Fun woodworking project!

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My take on the classic 5-board bench. This easy woodworking project is great for almost any room. I think it works especially well in an entryway, as a place to take your shoes off. Super simple construction: I joined mine together with pocket holes and screws.
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James Smith says:

hey all, The best pIans for woodworking that l have ever used are from Jacobs magic plan (l found it on googIe). Without a doubt the most detaiIed woodworking pIans that l have ever used.

Shahar Biran says:

Hi ! Great video. i'm learning a lot from you!
I have a question – at 4:08 you drive the pocket-hole screw towards the edge of the wood. (the part without any "meat"). Although, on your pocket-hole tutorial video you said that the screw should be driven towards the middle part of the wood (the "meaty" part).. Just wanted to know if you used some special technique here beside glue ?

DentargPL says:

The best looking of your project I've seen. Looks really nice. But got a question. Has top already cracked due to wood movement or not?

Alex E M L says:

Gracias, buen trabajo.

Richard Queso says:

tool or hand sand between?

Rasmus Tirs says:

Im Danich ;-}

Carlos Serapio says:

Hello Steve!!! acabo de suscribirme y realmente me encantan los proyectos! Un Abrazo desde Argentina!
Una sugerencia: Sería fabuloso que subtitularas al español tus videos!!!!

nikos karavas says:


BringOnTheRainxx3 says:

ive really wanted to start building up a shop, but i wouldnt be inheriting ANY tools and would have to start from scratch. id love to see a video or series about what tools are most essential but still budget friendly (my thoughts have been to just start with a drill and a jigsaw and then go from there.. thoughts?)

Albertdog101 says:

The old English way of using oils to protect wood was; from the start every day for a week, every week for a month, every month for a year end every year for life. I always try to use oil when I can. Cheers for the video Stave

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