Twisted Christmas Tree – A Holiday Woodworking Project

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Santa joined me in the shop and we made a wooden Twisted Christmas Tree! Its made from unfinished cedar so it even smells like a Christmas tree. Below is a Parts List with basic instructions if you would like to build one of your own. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Carmichael Workshop.\r
Click this link for more photos and info:\r
Parts List:\r
50 Cedar Strips 3/4 wide x 3/8 thick x 14-1/8 long\r
2-Piece Stand 10 wide x 3.5 tall\r
1 3/8 Hardwood Dowel 26 long\r
1 Star\r
1. Cut cedar strips in pairs starting at 14, decreasing by 1/4 length for each pair. Save all pieces after cutting.\r
2. Cut 3/4 dado half laps in the center of each piece. (Be sure to do a test fit first.)\r
3. Assemble stand and dowel rod. (Note that dowel rod thickness can vary from the store so always drill a test hole for a test fit.)\r
4. Cross-lap each pair of cedar strips in the middle and drill a 3/8 hole through the center, then slide it onto the dowel rod. Continue until at the top of the tree. (Again, drill a hole in a test piece and do a test fit.)\r
5. Drill a 3/8 hole in the base of the star and slide it on top. Note that you may need to cut the dowel rod to fit.\r
Recommended Tools (affiliate links):\r
– SawStop Table Saw\r
– Craftsman Sliding Miter Saw\r
– Dewalt Planer\r
– Craftsman Router\r
– Dewalt Trim Router\r
– Dewalt Jigsaw\r
– Ridgid Spindle Sander\r
– Ridgid Random Orbital Sander\r
– Dewalt Palm Sander\r
– Jet 14 Bandsaw\r
– 14 Gallon Shop Vac\r
– Ridgid Drill and Driver Combo\r
– Dewalt Scroll Saw\r
– 1 Belt Sander\r
– 8 Drill Press\r
– Lathe\r
– Lathe Tools\r
– Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig\r
– Glubot Glue Bottle\r
– Babe-Bot Glue Bottle\r
– Momentary Footswitch\r
– Freud 50 Tooth Thin Kerf Sawblade\r
– Microjig Gripper\r
– Microjig Grip Blocks\r
– MJ Splitter Thin Kerf\r
– RZ Mask\r
– Bench Cookies\r
Recommended Supplies (affiliate links):\r
– Harbor Freight Flashlight\r
– Clock Insert\r
– 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive\r
– Stick Fast Medium CA Glue\r
– Stick Fast Activator for CA Glue\r
– Titebond II\r
– Loctite Epoxy\r
– Transtint Dye\r
– Deft Spray Lacquer\r
– Johnson Paste Wax\r
– 10-14 Gallon Shop Vac Bag 3pk\r
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