On-floor Towline Conveyor for carrying very heavy loads – The PAC-TRAK 100

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This video demonstrates the power and simplicity of an on-floor towline conveyor system designed to transport a wide range of large, extremely heavy or very awkward products.

The PAC-TRAK 100 towline conveyor has several unique features that benefit the heavy load applications. First, only a very shallow trench is required to install the drive unit and the motor drive sits above floor for easy service and maintenance. Secondly, the heavy duty PT 100 chain system is quiet, smooth and has a built in slack adjustment. And thirdly, the curve load capacity features free turning roller capstans to guide the chain and its load around any curve. This removes the chance of heavy wear on the inside of the track and allows the movement of a heavy load through any turn with far less power required from the drive unit.
As with all PACLINE towline conveyors, the top platens which support and carry the products can be customized to the size, shape and weight of the products carried. They can be designed to rotate manually for easy access to all sides by operators, or programmed to automatically stop, start or rotate for close packing in accumulation zones, at specific points along the controlled track system.

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