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Selva SPA Epoca Mirabeau 8029853000472 Wood Chair Classic and Elegant with Cherry Finish 47

Upholstered Dining Chair
Solid beech frame
Cherry finish Fawn coloured chenille fabric
Dimensions cm 47×569651 width x depth height
Made in Italy Learn how to create a pickled wood finish with Minwax and Bruce Johnson. During the 1950s, white pickled wood was very popular. This retro finish is making a comeback today and fortunately this is a look you can achieve yourself in a few easy steps.

The first step is to decide if you want to achieve a whitewashed effect or a true pickled effect. This desicion will determine what type of wood you will need. If you like the whitewashed effect, you will want to use pine. Pine doesn’t have deep pores, so when you apply the whitewash pickling stain, it goes on evenly, but doesn’t soak deep into the pores of the wood. You can adjust how much white remains on the wood by how long you let the stain soak in before wiping off the excess.

If you prefer the true pickled look, you will want to use a wood like oak, which has deep pores. It is important to prep the wood by first using a wire brush to go over the board, cleaning out the pores to make room for stain. The next step is to apply a heavy coat of Minwax White Wash Pickling Stain. Let this coat begin to dry and use a rag to gently wipe off the excess stain across the grain. We don’t want to wipe the stain out of the pores. Next let this coat dry a little bit longer and follow up by using a rag to this time wipe with the grain.

Wheather you have decided on a whitewashed or pickled finish, it is important to add a final protective top coat of Minwax Polycrylic.

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