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Workbench 3.0. The workbench I use for woodworking has been remade twice. This time I tare the workbench a part to make some improvements. For example, I install a new vise, increase the mass of the workbench, moved the tool-well to the back corner of the workbench so it would be out of the way, and I make and install some drawers for storage. The workbench is on the smaller side about 5′ long, but it works well for the types of project I like to do.

Workbench 2.0 video:

In the previous iteration of this woodworking workbench (workbench 2.0) I installed legs and skirting. Workbench 2.0 served me well, for I decided to get a bigger vise, so I took the opportunity to upgrade the workbench to version 3.0.

After 2 months of using workbench 3.0 I am please, but there are some improvements I’d like to make or test new devices to see if I like them.

I am using the old (smaller) vise to make a portable workbench that I can use at craft fairs, farmers’ markets, and just as a secondary bench. I plan to make the portable workbench from pine, walnut, oak, and beech.

To follow along the progress of the portable workbench follow me on Twitter @polywright (; you will likely see the portable bench in action in another video before the build video for that bench is released, because of the time it takes to edit a project of that size.

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John Zhu

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Here’s Part 2 of 2 on this series of Finishing a Standing Height Desk. While it has a modern, urban kind of look, this video series focuses on how I accomplished the finish. This part walks you through how I applied and polished a tung oil varnish on a solid walnut desk top. It’s a pretty easy finish to apply, as in it’s not complicated, but it does require some time. But in the end it produces a gorgeous hand-rubbed appearance but with a good, hard protective coating. On walnut, it especially looks exquisite, too. Enjoy!

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