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This video is about choosing lumber for some of your woodworking projects. I chose to work with Poplar wood for this project which is a nice hardwood that is easy to work with an looks great. We also use birch and cherry. I hope this video helps explain some of the lumber options and terms you’ll see and hear when shopping for lumber for your next project.

When my scrap wood bin gets too full, I dump it out and see what I can make.

This time, I used some pen blanks (with brass tubes already glued in) and some other scraps to make some pendants, a spinning top and an ornament. I also made a couple of other blanks that I haven’t figured out what I’ll do with yet.

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This series of documentaries are about the traditional carpentry in Southern China: the lives of the carpenters, their tools, their design methods as well as the procession and assembly of a timber structure, It was film in Zhejiang Province, China by myselfduring my gap year as an architectural student in Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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These stools were each made from a single sheet of poplar plywood. Each is laminated from a total of 80 pieces – the layers are 5 pieces each, mirrored with each layer, creating a “box joint” at the corners. The seats were carved out with a router jig, the side cut with a skill saw, and the rest of the curves carved with an angle grinder and sander. And yes, these seats are incredibly comfortable!

That skill saw cut is not for the faint of heart — DO NOT attempt unless you are very comfortable with your tools!…

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Air Date – 10/13/13
Chris takes us through the framing process on your new Kings Way Home.

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