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Fletcher Push Point No. 7 Wood Finishing Basics Card / 50 Review

Fletcher Push Point No. 7 Wood Finishing Basics Card / 50

Card/50 points

No. 7

Discovery CON, NBR, SUP
This high quality wood furniture manufacturer is using the PAC-TRAK Towline conveyor to move furniture pieces through the entire finishing process, from sanding, staining, sealing, washing and the various final glaze coats. Towline Conveyors can be used in a wide variety of applications where it is beneficial to carry the product on a mobile cart. Some products are considered un-conveyable due to their size, shape and configuration. A typical example of this could be a large four-legged furniture item. This item requires an overall finishing spray which has to be completed while the unit is standing on its own legs.
This Towline Conveyor is called the PAC-TRAK and is the perfect solution for these types of challenges. It utilizes mobile carts propelled by a floor-mounted conveyor track. A variety of floor mounted tracks can be used to propel this cart through its required processes depending on its load, the speed required and the necessary configuration. Carts are often equipped with a rotating platen. The production item can be conveyed to a processing area, rotated to accommodate a finishing treatment or specific assembly action.

The PAC-TRACK Towline conveyor can be designed with an “in-floor” or “on-floor” track. On-floor conveyors can be attached to the floor surface without trenching. In this case plant personnel must walk over the track and fork lifts will not be allowed to drive in the area of this conveyor. When utilizing an in floor configuration, the track and drive unit are below the serviceable floor area, allowing for normal activity to proceed without interference.
Load platens can be rotated manually or automatically during a finishing process or for close packing within a curing oven.

The PAC-TRACK is conveyed with our proven and highly reliable conveyor chain. It’s constructed of hardened steel and low friction bearings. Carts ride on ball bearing wheels to ensure consistent and smooth movement and reduce maintenance.

A typical PAC-TRAK Towline conveyor application may include processes such as finishing lines, assembly lines, curing ovens and it is well suited for solving a wide variety of manufacturing challenges. So for large or awkward items that need to be moved through production in finishing processes, the Towline card provides a convenient means of holding, conveying, rotating these difficult items.
Call PACLINE Overhead Conveyors, toll-free at 1 800 955 8860 and speak with our Engineering department directly.

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